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Legacy CLAHRC studies

The funding for NIHR CLAHRC East Midlands ended on September 2019. This page will remain archived.


Preventing chronic disease (PCD) theme

  • Atrial Fibrillation Advance Programme evaluation, Patrick Highton
  • Cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk profiles in prisoners, Professor Chris Packham 
  • Decrease sedentary time in primary school students (CLASS PAL Study), Dr Lauren Sherar
  • Faith centre screening and lifestyle interventions to prevent Type 2 diabetes, Dr Andy Willis
  • Gestational diabetes (Babysteps study), Professor Kamlesh Khunti 
  • Impact of a community anticoagulation service on the admission for stroke secondary to atrial fibrillation, Dr Tun Than
  • Impact of ethnicity on the development of kidney disease, Dr Gang Xu
  • Lifestyle health promotion interventions for nurses, Dr Holly Blake
  • Smoking in pregnancy, Professor Tim Coleman
  • Structured education on people at risk of cardiovascular disease (3R Study), Professor Kamlesh Khunti and Dr Stephen Rodgers
  • Type 2 diabetes prevention pathway in a multi-ethnic community (Let’s Prevent Diabetes), Kerry Hulley
  • Type 2 diabetes prevention pathway in a multi-ethnic community (Let’s Prevent Diabetes), Kerry Hulley
  • Use of aspirin for primary prevention of cardiovascular disease in diabetes, Sector Kunutsor 

Enhancing mental health (EMH)

  • ​Acceptability, Usability and Functionality of Digital Health Interventions in Mental Health, Shireen Patel
  • Antidepressants in obesity and depression in primary care, Professor Richard Morriss
  • AQUA-Trial, Dr Charlotte Hall
  • Bipolar NICE guidelines, Professor Richard Morriss
  • EDASH Study, Dr James Roe
  • Evaluation of implementation of technologies to assess, monitor and treat neurodevelopmental disorders, Dr Charlotte Hall

  • Mental health needs of parents and carers who have children with intellectual disabilities, Nicola Wright

  • Mood Disorders, Dr Catherine Kaylor-Hughes

  • REBOOT, Dr Catherine Kaylor-Hughes

  • Urgent Care Study, Shireen Patel 

Implementing evidence and improvement (IEI)

  • 'BRILL' (Brain Injury: Living Life), Rachel Keetley
  • A scientometric analysis of CLAHRC research outputs, Paraskevas Vezyridis
  • Networks of practice and knowledge brokers, Professor Justin Waring
  • Public involvement in CLAHRC East Midlands
  • Synthesis of co-production and knowledge translation, Professor Justin Waring
  • The legacy of CLAHRC East Midlands
  • Understanding policy translation and governance, Professor Justin Waring

Managing chronic disease (MCD) theme

  • A review on interventions to improve medication adherence in people with multimorbidity, Claire Fitzpatrick
  • Analysis of a cardiac rehabilitation (CR) service database, Claire Bourne 
  • Education programme aimed at increasing physical activity in individuals with diagnosed coronary heart disease (PACES study), Louisa Herring
  • Educational intervention to prevent acute kidney injury (ED-AKI-P study), Dr Gang Xu
  • Evaluation of a toolkit for reducing primary care inertia, Kerry Hulley
  • Implementing ‘A Safer Ramadan’ education programme, Kerry Hulley
  • Integrated Diabetes Services, Professor Melanie Davies
  • Integrating patients with respiratory and cardiac disease in one rehabilitation programme, Linzy Houchen-Wolloff
  • Physical activity through group self-management support for those with multimorbidity (MAP study), Kerry Hulley
  • Predictors and outcomes of ambulance calls to diabetic emergencies in care homes, Professor Niroshan Siriwardena
  • Reducing diabetes, cardiac and renal complications in people with type 2 diabetes (GP Prompt), Professor Michael Steiner
  • Self-management programme of activity coping and education (SPACE FOR COPD study), Professor Sally Singh
  • Service evaluation to establish value of a novel online cardiac rehabilitation programme specifically for chronic heart failure, Nikki Gardiner

Caring for older people and stroke survivors (COPSS) theme

  • Digital interventions to promote self-management in osteoarthritis, Dr Reza Safari
  • Hypoglycaemia Study, Professor Kamlesh Khunti and Professor Niroshan Siriwardena

  • Identifying disparity in access to dementia memory assessment service for South Asian population in East Midlands, Neil Chadborn

  • The physical activity interventionin community-dwelling adults (PhISICAL) study: investigating the implementation of the FaME falls prevention exercise programme, Dr Elizabeth Orton

  • Research to Implement EVidence Based In-Hospital Stroke Rehabilitation, Professor Marion Walker

  • Supporting Older People’s Resilience through Assessment of Needs and Outcomes, Professor John Gladman

  • Videoing to Improve Communication through Education (VOICE), Dr Sarah Goldberg