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Knowledge Mobilisation Support Unit

Within ARC EM, we have a small, dedicated, specialist team supporting the translation and dissemination of research, known as the Knowledge Mobilisation Support Unit (KMSU). 

The aim of the KMSU is to work collaboratively with ARC teams to get things ready for implementation and disseminate them to identified audiences. We call this knowledge mobilisation in practice.

Our offer

The KMSU provide support for the following outputs. We are happy to discuss bespoke requests too.

All KMSU supported outputs are available on the ARC East Midlands website. They can be found in our dedicated “store page” and where appropriate, our YouTube channel.

How to request support

Please complete your support request here (online): (COMING SOON).

As part of the discussions we have with the teams we work with, we will ask the following questions (it’s always good to build these into research plans from the start!):

  • Who is the audience (or audiences) for your research products? (who)
  • What is your product? (what)
  • Why should people use it? (why)
  • What will happen through use of your product? (the so-what)
  • How should your product be shared with your audience? (how)
  • When is the best time for your product to be shared? (when)
  • Who is going to use your product? (where)
  • What does your product offer over what is already available? (advantage)

The following principles will be applied to our work:

  • Utility: it should be useful and have a purpose. 
  • Impact: it should make a tangible difference for the target audience(s).
  • Collegial and Collaborative: it should be created with research and stakeholder partners, working together to share expertise and to meet a common goal.