ARC Faculty

ARC EM Faculty Membership

Our organisation contains some of the most experienced and talented applied health researchers in the East Midlands. Many of them have international reputations in their chosen field. As one of our key objectives is to increase applied research capacity in health and care organisations, ARC EM Faculty provides an opportunity for research expertise and skills to be utilised across the whole region.

This will bring substantial benefits to Faculty members as they will be able to access a wide range of resources to help expand the reach and impact of applied research initiatives and, ultimately improve the health and wellbeing of people in the region.

Why become a Faculty Member?

By becoming a member of the ARC EM Faculty, you will have access to the wide range of skills and resources available through ARC EM. Support will be determined on a case-by-case basis and is subject to available internal capacity and available funding. Our skills and resources could include:

  • Affiliation with ARC EM projects for example as an interested stakeholder to support translation of research in to practice
  • Navigational support in research protocol development
  • PhD bursary prizes to support doctoral students with research and dissemination costs
  • Support in providing external peer review of protocols and outputs
  • Support in developing effective public participation; a vital key to healthcare research funding applications
  • Written support of research applications from our world class pool of investigators
  • Support in engaging with minority groups through the Centre for Ethnic Health Research
  • Support in disseminating and promoting research outputs. 
  • Opportunity to apply for ARC EM applied health research funding
  • Links to our partner network across the East Midlands and beyond
  • Receive notification of  ARC EM events
  • Receive update information on ARC EM activities in particular those related to research and funding opportunities
  • Engage at a Faculty level with East Midlands Networks in education and research
  • Contribute to teaching the health and research workforce within East Midlands
  • Obtain information on various NIHR Leadership and Development opportunities

Apply to become a Faculty Member

Download and complete the application form below and send to, including a copy of your CV in support of your application.

If you have any enquires or would like an informal discussion about applying then please contact Donna Richardson, ARC East Midlands Assistant Director,