Working Towards Implementation

Within ARC East Midlands, we have a small, dedicated, specialist team supporting the translation and dissemination of research, known as the Knowledge Mobilisation Support Unit (KMSU).

The aim of the KMSU is to work collaboratively with ARC teams to get things ready for implementation and disseminate them to identified audiences. We call this knowledge mobilisation in practice.

By addressing the guiding principles of utility, impact, collegiality and collaboration, the outputs from ARC EM’s evidence based research will be adapted for a non-academic audience, and shared with people and organisations in the East Midlands and beyond, thus closing the research to practice gap.

  • The KMSU will work in partnership with ARC funded and adopted programmes to make research evidence understandable, persuasive and actionable for non-academic audiences. 
  • The KMSU will undertake activities, based on the principles of Implementation Science and Dissemination, to translate and move ARC produced / supported research evidence towards an identified practice-based audience(s). 
  • Working collaboratively with ARC study teams, we will create products that can be shared with relevant audiences with the intention to create impact.


All KMSU supported outputs are available on the ARC East Midlands website. They can be found in our dedicated ARC Store Resources page and where appropriate, our YouTube channel.

The guiding principles for our work are based on:

KMSU guiding principles

Download the booklet for more information about the KMSU.