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Leicester researcher has published guidance in a top journal on diabetes and multiple long-term conditions study

A Leicester professor has outlined guidance on how to improve care for people living with diabetes and other health conditions on the front cover of the global journal Diabetes Care. 

The invaluable insights provided by Professor Kamlesh Khunti and a team of academics have earned a coveted spot on the front cover of Diabetes Care outlining how a multidisciplinary approach will improve the care offered to people living with diabetes and multiple long-term conditions (MLTC).

Professor Khunti, Director of the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) Applied Research Collaboration (ARC) East Midlands and Co-Chair of Multiple Long Term Conditions Cross NIHR Collaboration, also shared this approach prominently in the official podcast of the renowned American Diabetes Association (ADA).

He said: “This review highlights the challenges faced by people with diabetes and MLTCs and their health care professionals and highlights the pressing need for a multidisciplinary approach.”

Current health systems globally are designed for treating people with a single disease, but this research is now encouraging care teams to adapt their delivery systems and treatment options in order to meet the needs of those with MLTC.

This will require clinical experts, specialists, researchers, and people with MLTC to work together to develop life-changing interventions and a cost-effective health care system.

MLTC is defined as having two or more long-term conditions, with possible combinations of physical, infectious or mental health conditions. Conditions include diabetes, cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease, arthritis, depression and severe mental health illnesses.

According to the study, MLTC have major implications for the individual, such as fragmented care, taking a number of medications, poor quality of life and mortality.

With the potential to reach millions of healthcare professionals, researchers, and individuals affected by these conditions worldwide, this report is poised to revolutionise the approach to patient care on a global scale.

Professor Khunti added: “It is both a privilege and an honour to see our review on diabetes and MLTC on the front cover of the internationally renowned journal Diabetes Care.

 “Together with my esteemed colleagues, we believe that this holistic perspective will be the cornerstone in elevating the standard of care for individuals living with diabetes and MLTC.”

Published on: 29 Nov 2023