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Psychological Wellbeing for Healthcare Workers: Mitigating the impact of COVID-19 on Psychological Wellbeing

An online resource for healthcare workers to maintain their psychological wellbeing during and after the COVID-19 pandemic has been developed.

Dr Holly Blake, from the University of Nottingham, received funding from NIHR CLAHRC EM to conduct a systematic review, on which this online resource is based. 

The e-package covers:

  • Advice for team leaders to create psychologically safe workplaces where staff feel comfortable raising issues and concerns
  • Communication: the importance of language and avoiding social stigma
  • Guidance on supporting mental health in others through Psychological First Aid
  • Guidance on rest and work breaks, shift-work, sleep and fatigue
  • Specific impacts of the pandemic, such as making morally challenging decisions around providing for patients with limited resources, and balancing the needs of patients with the needs of self
  • Guidance around dealing with grief, and managing emotions such as fear, anxiety and low mood

The resource can be accessed here:


Blake H, Bermingham F. Psychological wellbeing for healthcare workers: mitigating the impact of covid-19. The University of Nottingham. Version 1.0, April 2020.