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Ali Drewett awarded PhD

We would like to congratulate Ali Drewett for passing her PhD viva, funded by ARC East Midlands.

Ali's PhD explored autistic communication and involvement in mental health hospital settings, examining experiences and perceptions of ward rounds. Conducted in two hospital settings, the study aimed to identify barriers, highlight positive practices, and offer recommendations for effective communication and involvement in care.

Ali, currently working as a Research Associate at Loughborough University, shared her thoughts on this achievement, stating, “I am so grateful to ARC East Midlands for providing me the opportunity to delve into this critical issue. Autistic individuals, who are more likely to mental health difficulties and may become hospital inpatients, often face challenges in participating in decisions about their care due to their unique communication differences. It is critical that mental health staff address individual’s autistic identities and thus their communication needs in order to provide the right care. Diagnostic mental health shadowing means care neglects communication, the experiences autistic people face navigating a neurotypical world, and the negative impacts on their mental well-being."

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Published on: 3 Jan 2024