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Home-based Rehabilitation for survivors of Stroke with Severe disability (HoRSSe)

Infographics have been released to highlight the key components of home-based stroke rehabilitation for survivors of stroke with severe disability, according to an expert panel consensus.

Based on the findings from the HoRSSe study, the infographics can be used to:

  • support healthcare professionals when reviewing services
  • advocating for this patient group

Over 20% of stroke survivors leaving hospital will be severely disabled. Despite this, limited clinical guidance is available to teams tasked with providing support for this complex population at home, with many areas across the UK not commissioned to treat this patient cohort.

Experts in the field of stroke rehabilitation including researchers, clinicians and those with lived experience participated in a virtual consensus activity to establish the core components of home-based rehabilitation for survivors of stroke with severe disability.  

This work encompasses service structure, team composition, knowledge and skills required for the rehabilitation of this patient group. 

Lay versions are available to support stroke survivors and their families / carers understanding of the consensus statements. 

To learn more about the findings, download the infographics using the link below.