Increasing Participation of Black Asian and Minority Ethnic Groups in Health and Social Care Research

This Toolkit aims to capture such best practice and provide researchers with a framework on how to improve the participation of Black and Asian Minority Ethnic Groups in research. The Toolkit was developed by researchers with experience in this area, and involved a review of the existing literature as well as engagement and collaboration with members from both the research and Black and Asian Minority Ethnic Groups.

The toolkit covers:

  • Section 1: Consideration of the communities which your research needs to involve.
  • Section 2: Undertaking effective patient and public involvement (PPI) in research
  • Section 3: Conducting effective recruitment in Black and Asian Minority Ethnic Communities
  • Section 4: Ensuring cultural competency in the conduct of your research
  • Section 5: Providing effective feedback to research participants
  • Section 6: Recognising the importance of recruiting Black and Asian Minority Ethnic Communities in research: preparing a grant application
  • Top Tips