Equality Impact Assessment (EqIA) Toolkit

An Equality Impact Assessment (EqIA) is an approach designed to improve equality analysis, practice and outcomes. It helps determine and understand how what we do may affect people differently.

The most important outcome of this process is ensuring that groups and individuals who face disadvantage and underrepresentation are visible in priority research settings.

ARC EM is leading the way in making research culture and practice more inclusive by proactively taking steps to advance equality of opportunities, eliminate discrimination and engage people with protected characteristics in the development, implementation and dissemination of health research.

This toolkit consists of comprehensive training, a directory of useful resources, as well as ongoing advice and guidance, and covers the following sections:

  • Introduction: The toolkit
  • How to use the toolkit 
  • What is an Equality Impact Assessment (EqIA)? 
  • Why do an EqIA? 
  • To what do we apply an EqIA? 
  • To whom does an EqIA apply? 
  • What exactly are we assessing in an EqIA? 
  • What do we need to find out in an EqIA? 
  • EqIA action plan 
  • What material should be included in an EqIA package? 
  • What sources of information should be consulted when doing an EqIA? 
  • Things to look out for 
  • Publication 
  • Glossary
  • References 

EqIA for Systematic Reviews

specific EqIA form and set of guidance notes is available to download. The new, specially-designed form is in two parts – Section A to be completed prior to commencing the Review and Section B following its completion. 

Do you need further help? 

A video presentation has been shared by The Centre for Ethnic Health Research to help you with ideas when developing your own Equality Impact Assessment process.