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Knowledge Translation Strategy

This document explains ARC East Midlands approach to Knowledge Mobilisation and preparing for implementation readiness.

It is well known that research evidence does not easily 'get' into practice (hence why the CLAHRCs were originally funded). It is also well known that the easiest way to get research into practice is to 'design in' implementation, from the start of the research study. Implementation (defined as: getting something into practice) doesn't just happen; it isn't a bolt on at the end of a project, but  is a set of deliberate, evidenced decisions and actions that are made throughout the lifetime of the study (and beyond). 

This booklet covers the following sections:

  • The Knowledge Translation strategy
  • Implementation Frameworks
  • Implementation strategies
  • Involving Stakeholders
  • Implementation Science Training
  • A Guide to Implementing Change
  • ARC East Midlands’ knowledge translation and implementation readiness vision