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The COVID-19 pandemic in UK Care Homes – Revealing the Cracks in the System

There are around 420,000 residents living in UK care homes. The majority are over 85, have multiple health conditions, live with frailty and are nearing the end of their lives. Up to 80% of residents live with dementia. Care homes are not part of the National Health Service (NHS). Care home places are funded through a complex mix of self-funding, means-tested support from local authorities, and continuous healthcare funding from the NHS. They are run by independent organisations. A third of providers are large for-profit chains, the remainder comprising not-for-profit third-sector organisations, or small private companies with only a small number of homes (1). The level of government reimbursement for long-term care homes in the UK is low by international standards, an issue highlighted by multiple public commissions but which has gone unaddressed by successive UK governments.

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