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BAME COVID-19 DEATHS – What do we know? Rapid Data & Evidence Review

Evidence indicates markedly higher mortality risk from COVID-19 among Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) groups, but deaths are not consistent across BAME groups. Similarly, adverse outcomes are seen for BAME patients in intensive care units and amongst medical staff and Health and Care Workers. The exact reasons for this increased risk and vulnerability from COVID-19 in BAME populations are not known. There may be a number of contributing factors in the general population such as overrepresentation of BAME populations in lower socio-economic groups, multi-family and multi-generational households, co-morbidity exposure risks, and disproportionate employment in lower band key worker roles. For Health and Care workers, there are increased health and care setting exposure risks.


Razaq, A., Harrison, D., Karunanithi, S., Barr, B., Asaria, M., Routen, A., Khunti, K., 2020. BAME COVID-19 DEATHS – What do we know? Rapid Data & Evidence Review. The Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine

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