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Accuracy of posture allocation algorithms for thigh-and waist-worn accelerometers


Edwardson C.L., Rowlands A.V., Bunnewell S., Sanders J., Esliger D.W., Gorely T., O'Connell S., Davies M.J., Khunti K., Yates T. Accuracy of posture allocation algorithms for thigh- and waist-worn accelerometers. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 2016, June; 48(6): pp. 1085-90. 


The objective of this study is to compare the accuracy of the activPAL and ActiGraph GT3X+ (waist and thigh) proprietary postural allocation algorithms and an open-source postural allocation algorithm applied to GENEActiv (thigh) and ActiGraph GT3X+ (thigh) data.