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The impact of Covid-19 on Homecare provision study

The impact of Covid-19 on Homecare provision study

Why the research is needed

During the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic (and ongoing into 2021), local authorities were under increasing pressure to deliver homecare services due to increased staff sickness and increased work from emergency hospital discharges (to make space for an increase in Covid-19 patients). This meant that for some people, their homecare was changed. Local authorities were also encouraged to make use of volunteer groups to help with gaps in care services such as shopping and prescription delivery. During the Covid-19 lockdown period, many people also relied more on family, friends or neighbours to provide care.

What is already known about the subject

What is not known is how these changes to care received or caring responsibilities have affected the lives of people receiving or providing care during the Covid-19 lockdown or whether any of the changes to care will continue beyond the end of the lockdown period. The aim of this research is to learn about the experiences of adults involved in providing or receiving care at home during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Who we are working with

We have interviewed people from four different groups:

  1. People who receive homecare
  2. Family, friends and neighbours of people who receive care, who also provide care
  3. Social care workers and formal carers
  4. Volunteers

The telephone interviews took place between one researcher and a participant (there were occasions when family members were interviewed together). We are looking at experiences that may be similar amongst participants but also those that are different or unique.

How patients and the public are involved

We are working collaboratively with social care services and volunteer hubs. When designing the research, we have taken advice from people who themselves receive homecare and also individuals who work with social care teams. A public member was trained and assisted with analysing the interviews.

What the benefits will be

Finding out how people receiving and providing homecare were both positively and negatively affected by the Covid-19 lockdown period will provide important information for local authorities when designing ongoing services. This is important because of the risk of further waves, potential localised lockdown periods or the longer term effects of the virus. 

When the findings will be available

The finding will initially be disseminated to stakeholders within the partner local authorities. This will take place during March-April 2021.

How we are planning for implementation

Once the research is completed we will share the results with the local authorities, participants and publish the results in academic journals.


PI Professor Pip Logan

Lead Researchers Dr Fran Allen ( and Dr Janet Darby (