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Identifying disparity in access to dementia memory assessment service for South Asian population in East Midlands

Identifying disparity in access to dementia memory assessment service for South Asian population in East Midlands

What we are doing:

In order to analyse potential disparity of access for patients of South Asian background, we are conducting a database analysis of Memory Assessment Services in Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire. We are engaging with many different South Asian community groups in order to gain insight in the views, expectations and needs of potential service users and their families. We aim to identify and overcome groups-specific barriers to the service.

Why we are doing it:

To promote equal access, evidence-based assessment and perceived quality of experience of patients of diverse ethnic backgrounds in the memory service. To foster quality improvement projects, through comprehensive analysis of real-world data. To develop baseline or benchmark data for example time to diagnosis, missed appointments, in order to identify areas for improvement.

What the benefits will be:

We will explore current service data and provide summary statistics. We will develop analysis protocols to highlight disparity in service use between South Asian and White British patients. We will publish these protocols to allow replication of the study in different Trusts in England.

Who we are working with:

  • Nottinghamshire Healthcare Foundation Trust
  • Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust
  • De Montfort University

Study lead:

Name: Neil Chadborn

Role: Research Fellow

Organisation: University of Nottingham


Neil Chadborn,