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'BRILL' (Brain Injury: Living Life)

'BRILL' (Brain Injury: Living Life): An evaluation of the impact and outcomes for children and families of an innovative neuro-rehabilitation service

What we are doing:

Children and young people who have a brain injury often need rehabilitation. We are evaluating a new team in the East Midlands who work with these children. We are analysing the information collected by the team to find out if the team helps to get children back home sooner. We are also asking the children, their families and other professionals involved in their care how satisfied they are with the service and what improvements could be made. 

Why we are doing it:

We want to know how well this model of care works and what could be done better. This information will help us to understand more about this model of rehabilitation and whether it is a good model of rehabilitation for childhood brain injuries. It may also tell us how the service might be made even better in the future.

What the benefits will be:

We aim to contribute to the evidence base regarding models of rehabilitation for children with acquired brain injuries. We aim to implement any required changes to the patient pathway and team processes that can be achieved within the current funding and also recommend other changes or additions that require further funding.

Who we are working with:

We are working with patients and their families, the BRILL team, Nottingham Children’s Hospital colleagues and stakeholders from across the East Midlands.

Study lead:

Name: Rachel Keetley

Role: Team Leader Children’s Physiotherapy/BRILL Service Evaluation Lead

Organisation: Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust