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Antidepressants in obesity and depression in primary care

Risks of antidepressants on adverse outcomes in people with obesity and depression in primary care

What we are doing:

We are exploring drug safety in relation to the prescription of antidepressants in those who are overweight/obese and the association between antidepressants, obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. To do this we will be using a large primary care database. 

Why we are doing it:

Despite the prevalence of depression in obesity, there are no specific services for managing people with both obesity and depression, nor is there current guidance on antidepressant use in obesity. This study will inform the prescribing of antidepressants to those who are both obese/overweight and have depressive disorders. 

What the benefits will be:

The information will be used to inform prescribing of antidepressants to people who are obese or overweight who also have depressive disorders. We will prepare prescribing briefings for GP and mental health prescriber education, the strategic clinical network for mental health, for the Academic Health Science Network, for NICE and for patient and public involvement groups in mental health and in obesity. 

Who we are working with:

We are working with the Leicester Real World Evidence Unit, the Leicester Diabetes Centre, GPs and patient and public involvement representatives. 

Study lead:

Name: Professor Richard Morriss

Role: Chief Investigator, Enhancing Mental Health Theme Lead

Organisation: University of Nottingham