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Analysis of a cardiac rehabilitation (CR) service database

Analysis of a cardiac rehabilitation (CR) service database to develop strategies to improve uptake and personalise care

What we are doing:

We hold an existing database that provides access to over 20,000 cases that have been referred for CR. We aim to answer the following questions as part of our project: 

  1. What are the factors that predict uptake to, and completion of CR? 
  2. How do the predictors of uptake and completion differ between hospital-based, community-based and web-based programmes? 
  3. Is each programme effective for those who attend and how does the response to each compare?
  4. What are the factors that predict the effectiveness of CR in the entire cohort and the five options available at University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust?

Why we are doing it:

The extent to which offering a range of CR programmes improves the uptake and completion of each respective programme has not been fully elucidated. There may not only be a need to stratify patients based on their preferred mode of delivery but also by the potential factors, for example patient demographics, that influence the likelihood of someone entering and completing CR. Our database contains a broad range of demographic, social, clinical, physical, psychological and behavioural characteristics which may aid the stratification process. Therefore, we have a unique opportunity to enhance the flow of patients from cardiac event to completing CR. 

What the benefits will be:

The findings will help us improve the way in which CR is promoted within UHL for both uptake and drop-out purposes. Furthermore, we hypothesise that findings will enable us to maximise patient benefit from engaging with the service. These findings will contribute to the development of evidence-based flexible models of CR aligning with the growing international momentum of personalised approaches to patient care. We will also examine predictors of successful outcomes for CR which will directly inform service development and future research to improve uptake and completion rates nationally.

Who we are working with:

  • Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland (LLR) Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) team 
  • University Hospitals of Leicester (UHL) NHS Trust
  • Centre for Exercise and Rehabilitation Science (CERS) Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) Group
  • NIHR Leicester Biomedical Research Centre (BRC)
  • East Midlands National Centre for Sport & Exercise Medicine (EM-NCSEM)
  • Patrick Doherty (National Lead for Cardiac Rehabilitation)
  • Via co-applicants and collaborators on this project

Study lead:

Name: Claire Bourne 

Role: Health Psychologist/Research Associate

Organisation: University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust 

Contact: or