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Understanding issues of the professions in the implementation of first point of contact physiotherapy

What we are doing:

  • Stage 1: Realist review of professional issues influencing first point of contact physiotherapy (FCP)

  • Stage 2: Realist evaluation of stakeholder opinions of professional issues influencing implementation and utilisation of FCP

Why we are doing it:

There is an unsustainable and growing demand on services in primary care generally and general practice more specifically due to a number of concurrent pressures. FCP offers a tenable option to address some of these issues. Despite this common sense thinking and a growing body of evidence, actual implementation of FCP remains patchy and warrants investigation.

What the benefits will be:

There will be a number of benefits. As a consequence of this work, a greater understanding of the requirements needed for implementation will be unearthed. Beyond this, FCP provides the potential for improved patient outcomes and satisfaction and increased efficiency in general practice.

Who we are working with:

Primary supervisor: Professor Pip Logan

Supervisors: Paul Hendrick, Fiona Moffatt, Neil Chadborn


Rob Goodwin,

Image by Bruno /Germany from Pixabay