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Multimorbidity management in ethnic minority populations

Advancing understanding on management of multimorbidity in ethnic minority populations and under-representation in associated clinical research

What we are doing?

  • A systematic review to determine the representation of ethnic minority populations in intervention trials for people with multiple long-term conditions.
  • Use of qualitative methods (e.g. interviews, focus groups) to explore clinicians and patient experiences of multimorbidity management and research priorities.
  • To utilise representative pre-existing data to examine a number of contemporary research questions relating to multimorbidity in ethnic minority populations.

Why we are doing it? 

Multimorbidity (or multiple long-term conditions) is the “existence of two or more long-term health conditions in a single individual.” It is one of the biggest global public health concerns and is associated with poorer quality of life, premature mortality and increased health services utilisation. Ethnic minority groups have a greater prevalence of living with multiple long-term health conditions. Knowledge regarding representation of ethnic minorities in trials, clinician and patient priorities relating to multiple long-term conditions is limited. Therefore, this project aims to advance our understanding of multiple long-term conditions in ethnic minority populations.

What the benefits will be and to whom? 

By providing understanding of multiple long-term conditions among ethnic minority groups, this will allow healthcare professionals and services to be able to guide the direction and implementation of care for ethnic minority populations. These populations may require culturally adapted care that is appropriately tailored to meet their needs. This will in turn help to reduce health inequalities faced by ethnic minority groups whilst helping them to efficiently manage multiple health conditions in a way which is in line with their cultural requirements.

Who we are working with:

  • Supervisors: Dr Ash Routen, Dr Andrew Willis, Professor Kamlesh Khunti
  • Leicester Diabetes Centre
  • Health Care Professionals
  • Patients with multiple long-term conditions


Zara Kayani, PhD student, University of Leicester,