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Keeping adults physically active

What we are doing:

The investigators have developed a complex evidence-based intervention that aims to engage older adults in positive physical activity behaviours after the completion of the Falls Management Exercise program. The intervention developed is based on the findings of a systematic review (PROSPERO registration: CDR42016038137) of physical activity maintenance interventions delivered to people aged 65 years and older and a review of national expert guidance on behaviour change. The intervention was delivered to people who were exiting a 24-week community-based Falls Management Exercise program within Leicestershire, Rutland Counties and Derby City and was investigated in a feasibility trial. 

What the benefits will be:

Research shows that the continuation of physical activity wanes, and the positive health effects diminish, between eight-to-twelve months after the completion of community-based physical activity programs. A key finding of the Pro-Act 65 trial was that 24-months after the trial ended the beneficial effects of the Falls Management Exercise programme diminished in the older people who reverted back to their old physical activity behaviours. Sustaining physical activity levels after the end of a structured physical activity programme is critical to maintain any gains in functional status and falling risk. Furthermore, sustaining changes in physical activity behaviour is vital to the cost-effectiveness of physical activity interventions and to improve public health outcomes. Yet, little is known about what intervention components work best to promote the continuation of new physical activity behaviours once structured exercise programmes have ceased. This suggests there is substantial opportunity to maintain the health and wellbeing of older people by implementing interventions that encourage the maintenance of physical activity.  

Who we are working with:

Local Authority Physical Activity Services across Leicestershire, Rutland Counties and Derby City.


Sarah Audsley