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The influence of religious and ethnic belonging on adolescent girls’ sedentary behaviour

What we are doing:

The studies entailed in this PhD project allow us to research differences in sedentary behaviour between British adolescent girls of white and South Asian origin. We used qualitative techniques to explore factors such as language, religion, culture and ethnicity; that may influence sedentary behaviour in adolescent girls of South Asian origin specifically. 

Why we are doing it:

Literature suggests that British adolescent girls of South Asian origin are less active than their white counterparts. With increasing prevalence of sedentary lifestyle among young people, this may impact girls of minority ethnic groups (in this instance South Asian groups) disproportionately, thereby affecting their future risk for development of disease. 

What the benefits will be:

Our research suggests multiple ways in which a girl’s ethnic, religious or cultural belonging may influence sedentary behaviour. Reducing sedentary behaviour in adolescent populations of South Asian girls will likely be more successful with inclusion of places of worship and religious learning into intervention strategies.

Who we are working with:

NIHR CLAHRC EM and School of Sports, Exercise and Health Sciences at Loughborough University. 


Samin Mughal, S.

Photo by kilarov zaneit on Unsplash