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An evaluation of complex interventions designed to increase the uptake of hepatitis C virus infection testing in the East Midlands prison estate

What we are doing:

We are evaluating the effect of a public health policy to increase hepatitis C testing in prisons. We are using realist evaluation methodology with a three-stage data collection process: obtain laboratory testing data; survey people in prison (PIP) about risk factors and testing opportunities; interviews with PIP and nurses about the process of testing.

Why we are doing it:

Hepatitis C is curable, and the NHS has committed to eradicating the virus by 2025. As more people in prison are infected compared to the wider community, they are important venues in which to concentrate efforts to diagnose and arrange treatment.

What the benefits will be:

Understanding reasons for not accepting a test will lead to developing different interventions, including service commissioning. Early diagnosis and treatment reduce both the associated morbidity and mortality and the risk of onward virus transmission to others.

Who we are working with:

Prisons in the East Midlands 


Kathryn Jack,

Photo by Hédi Benyounes on Unsplash