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Yogini’s study highlighted by NIHR

A paper about healthy lifestyle and life expectancy in people with multimorbidity has been featured as an Alert on the NIHR website.

The findings of the major study by ARC East Midlands researcher Dr Yogini Chudasama are being promoted across the research community.

Regular exercise and a balanced diet can help overcome the negative impact of long-term diseases on life expectancy, according to the study.

The results found that middle-aged people who have multiple long-term conditions (multimorbidity) can expect to live an extra 6-7 years if they adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Dr Chudasama, an Epidemiologist based at the University of Leicester, said: “The findings were surprising, as we found that even though participants had multimorbidity, those adhering to a healthier lifestyle had very similar benefits on their predicted longevity to those without multimorbidity. Reflecting that it’s always worthwhile making healthy lifestyle changes. As a result of this study, we found that it is important to prioritise research on multimorbidity and modifiable lifestyle behaviours as this would positively impact the population’s health and wellbeing.

To access the Alert, click here.

Published on: 22 Jun 2021