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Study reaches significant recruitment landmark

An ARC East Midlands study examining the impact of stim cranial electrotherapy stimulation has reached a major milestone.

The research team working on the Alpha-Stim-D trial has just recruited the study’s 100th participant.

The study is a randomised controlled trial of the clinical and cost effectiveness of Alpha-Stim cranial electrotherapy stimulation in treatment seeking patients with moderate severity or persistent mild depressive episodes in primary care.

Shireen Patel, Operational Lead Researcher Alpha Stim-D Trial, said: “A fantastic achievement as all of the recruitment has been during the pandemic. Thank you to GP surgeries and their participating patients in the East Midlands and Thames Valley and South Midlands region.”

A GP, who is involved in the trial and has been referring patients to the study, said: “Referring patients to the Alpha Stim D study at the University of Nottingham has been very straightforward. We have found that patients with moderate depression have welcomed the idea that there is something they can try which does not involve trying yet more medication. The patients who have taken part in the study have been happy with the information and support from the researchers. We look forward to hearing about the results of this important study.” 

A Patient Engagement and Public Involvement and Engagement representative, who has also been involved, said: “Using the device has helped me develop and reflect on my anxiety. It has been a great relief when I use it which enables me to function more smoothly and more productively whilst at the same time being able to use it without having to travel for treatment. I can use it whilst just sitting watching the television in the evening.”

Another Patient Engagement and Public Involvement and Engagement representative added: “My recurrent depression has, in recent years, been accompanied by crippling anxiety. Using the Alpha-Stim device – which I do when grooming my horse or walking my dogs – means that I sleep better which means that I can do more which in turn lifts my mood. I feel less jittery and churned up.”

To find out more information about the trial and get involved, contact the research team at or click here.

Published on: 22 Jun 2021