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Popular ARC EM aspirin study gets supporting citation

Research investigating the potential benefits of aspirin for primary prevention of cardiovascular outcomes in diabetes has just received a supporting citation.

The 2019 study 'Aspirin has potential benefits for primary prevention of cardiovascular outcomes in diabetes: updated literature-based and individual participant data meta-analyses of randomized controlled trials' has now been cited by 20 publications.

According to the website Smart Citations, of the 6,009,865 papers that were published in 2019, only 235,087 (4%) have received a supporting citation.

Published by Cardiovascular Diabetology, the study was led by Dr Seidu is NIHR Clinical Lecturer at the University of Leicester and General Practitioner and Partner at Hockley Farm Medical Practice.

The findings in the publication links smoking to an attenuated antiplatelet effect of aspirin and this has now been supported by other researchers across Europe, thus suggesting a possible translation of this phenomenon into clinical practice.

Smart Citations combines a deep learning model with a network of experts to automatically classify citations as supporting, contrasting, or mentioning, thus helping users to discover and evaluate scientific reports.

For more information on where the paper has been cited, click here.

Published on: 19 Jul 2021