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Funding opportunities

NIHR ARC for East Midlands is interested in improving the quality and effectiveness of NHS and social care services as part of our commitment to improving patient wellbeing and health outcomes.  

To this end we will be funding three different types of study. These will be:

  1. Database studies where the data has been or will be collected and is ready to be analysed.  
  2. Systematic Reviews of subject areas of importance to our partners.  All applications must be robust and academic and suitable for publication.
  3. Evaluation Research that will inform commissioning and service decisions.  We would expect proposals in this work stream to originate from NHS and/or social care teams but would require academic partnerships.

Projects in each work stream will be expected to meet the following criteria:


  • Likely to bring benefits to patients and the public 
  • Have strong interest and engagement from services and commissioners within the East Midlands 
  • Involve co-production between researchers, clinicians and those expected to use or benefit from the findings
  • Findings are likely to be implemented by ARC EM Partners 
  • Address important issues on chronic disease and public health 
  • Be affiliated with researchers with a strong track record of delivery in applied health research 
  • Represent value for money; and 
  • Include plans for the adoption of findings 


  • The findings can be shared with other service providers  
  • Deliver reductions in service demand, improved service quality and/or efficiency gains 
  • Reduce disparities in health between minority and socially disadvantaged and advantaged groups 
  • Involve collaborations with commercial organisations and other NIHR funded infrastructure; and 
  • Have additional matched funding 

Project will also need to​:

  • All applications have to evidence that the work can be carried out between April 2022 and March 2024. The ARC retains the right to choose the start date for the project.
  • This includes staff resources being identified and available to carry out the work within the agreed timescales.
  • All financial plans must be viable and in place by the time of the application.
  • All successful applications are likely to be for £40,000 or less.  

Phase 2 applications will only be accepted from members of the ARC East Midlands Faculty. Details of the benefits of Faculty Membership and how to join can be found by clicking here.

We particularly welcome applications from early and mid-career researchers for whom this funding would represent career development.

All applicants will need to complete the relevant Project Proposal form, see below, and submit it by email to by Wednesday October 6th. All applications will be acknowledged. All queries can also be directed to the email

All applications will be reviewed externally and the final decision on what applications to fund will be taken by a selection panel made up of our Scientific Committee along with senior ARC EM staff and partners and PPIE representatives.

This meeting will take place in November and we anticipate being in a position to inform all applicants of the outcome by the end of November 2021.

Published on: 11 Aug 2021