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First Alpha-Stim-D trial newsletter published

The first newsletter of the Alpha-Stim-D Trial has been published with the aim of keeping people involved in the study and generating interest in the research aimed at improving treatment of depression.

The researchers funded by ARC East Midlands are testing the effectiveness of the Alpha-Stim AID for the treatment of depression. This study will help to determine whether the device should be made available on the NHS for patients with depression. 

The trial has now successfully recruited 126 participants (just over 50% of the recruitment target) which is a fantastic achievement given that all recruitment has been during the pandemic.

The email newsletter includes a study overview and update as well as details about how to get involved in the research and a ‘Meet our PPIE Team’ section. To access it, click here.

Depression affects one in six people in the UK every year. Many of these individuals do not find anti-depressant medication or talking therapies to be helpful, acceptable or accessible. 

The Alpha-Stim AID device is an alternative form of treatment. It works by providing cranial electrotherapy stimulations that change the electrical activity of the brain to more relaxing rhythms. The Alpha-Stim AID device is convenient because it can be used independently at home.

To access the newsletter, click here.

For more information about the study, click here.



Published on: 19 Aug 2021