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BBC Breakfast appearance for ARC East Midlands Theme Lead

Fears the pandemic has led to more older people becoming dangerously inactive were shared by ARC East Midlands Theme Lead, Professor Adam Gordon, live on BBC Breakfast.

The Professor of the Care of Older People at the University of Nottingham and President of British Geriatrics Society, discussed deconditioning, a loss of physical function following a period of immobility, on the show broadcast on Saturday, November 26.

Speaking about the interview, Professor Gordon said: “I was pleased that BBC Breakfast chose to do a section on deconditioning because it’s an important problem in older people. Deconditioning refers to loss of physical function following a period of immobility and is anecdotally on the rise in older people because of the social isolation associated with the COVID pandemic.

“Ongoing work as a collaboration between ARC East Midlands and the Office of National Statistics will explore whether the number of admissions related to deconditioning increased during and after the pandemic and help us to plan services to rehabilitate older people in a more informed way.  We hope to publish findings from this work in 2023.”

The recording is available to watch here:

Published on: 29 Nov 2022