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Coping with distress about your health

This research intends to bring benefits to patients at high risk of anxiety-related healthcare use, by using remotely delivered Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (rCBT).

rCBT is acceptable to a patient group who are often reluctant to engage with traditional mental health services. rCBT improves accessibility by providing care in the patient’s home, thus removing travel needs and providing a confidential method of engaging with mental health care. rCBT saves patients and the NHS time and money, whilst providing clinically effective care to a seldom heard patient group.

This document covers the following sections: 

  • The problem
  • The solution 
  • Patient benefits 
  • Service benefits 
  • System benefits 
  • What is needed to use the rCBT intervention 
  • Getting started 
  • What next
  • Further resources