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C2Hear: Hearing aid resources for patients, partners and professionals

A new standalone website with loads of C2Hear hearing aid resources for patients, partners and professionals has been relaunched. 

The C2Hear interactive multimedia videos improve the lives of new hearing-aid users. Research funded by the UK’s National Institute for Health Research created C2Hear. This comprises videos, animations, photos, and patient testimonials to provide valuable advice and information to help new hearing aid users to better use their hearing aids.

CLAHRC EM's Implementation Hub team supported the C2Hear product development by holding a series of focus groups with service users and audiologists, to determine the key messages and delivery methods, that would be suitable for both sets of potential clients and end-users. The key messages was then discussed with the C2Hear team, who distilled these down even further by working with our design experts.

Access website

The website can be accessed here: