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Physical activity through group self-management support for those with multimorbidity (MAP study)

Promoting physical activity through group self-management support for those with multimorbidity: a randomised controlled trial (MAP study)

What we are doing:

The study is developing a lifestyle and self-management programme in a primary care setting for people with multimorbidities. Patients with multimorbidities will be recruited from primary care and will be invited to attend a group education programme focused on issues related to multimorbidity. There will be a focus on physical activity, medication adherence, self-management of health-related conditions and improving lifestyle.

Why are we doing it:

New methods of care are needed for multimorbidity as more than 50 per cent of all adults aged 60 years or more suffer from multiple chronic conditions. Multimorbidity can create a toxic effect on the patient’s physical and mental health. It can also accelerate progression of the conditions and might lead to further complications or even early death. However, despite the high number of people with multimorbidity and the harmful effects to health, current health models are focussed only on single diseases.

What the benefits will be:

There is an identified need for effective self-management and the promotion of healthy lifestyle pathways in this group of patients. By involving primary care organisations in the delivery of a structured education programme, the study will help empower patients and facilitate active participation in their clinical care.

Who we are working with:

We will work with primary care organisations to deliver a lifestyle and self-management programme for those with multimorbidity. This application was informed by patient representatives and has the support and backing from a wide range of other stakeholders, including those running primary care services and GP practices.

Study lead:

Professor Kamlesh Khunti, Professor of Primary Care Diabetes and Vascular Medicine, University of Leicester


Kerry Hulley